10 Reasons To Keep Your Driveway Clean

Driveway cleaning, with all the jobs you need to stay on top of to maintain a safe, comfortable and clean home environment, cleaning your driveway can often slip fairly low on the list. This means that it becomes all too easy to neglect your driveway and, before you know it - usually after the rigours of winter - this part of your property can wind up looking neglected and messy, with all the problems that can bring. Why should you keep your driveway clean? Here are ten reasons that add up to a very convincing argument in favour of cleaning your driveway.

1. Safety First

This is listed as number one because it’s self-evidently the most important. A clean and slip hazard-free driveway is a safe driveway. That seems readily apparent but it’s surprising how people will let their concrete, slabs or block paving become slimy with moss, algae, lichen, mould and other unpleasant growths, many of which can absorb many times their own volume in water and spread until they present a peril for passing foot traffic and become a skid pan for cars and bikes. Some of these little devils are capable of sending their roots into a rough surface to gain anchorage, and so can be very tenacious.

2. A Healthier Atmosphere

Such nasty little colonies as those mentioned above can even release spores into the air, posing a problem for people with respiratory conditions. Even those who do not have such health issues might find themselves susceptible to allergies and mucus membrane irritations if their driveway resembles an experiment in a petri dish.

3. Weather Wear and Tear

Thankfully, in our part of the world we don’t suffer from extremes of weather, but what we do tend to have through the winter is damp conditions. Water can make its way into small cracks and holes in the material of your driveway and when the thermometer drops below zero the resultant ice will expand and can make those imperfections bigger. There’s not a lot you can do about that, but you can make sure that your driveway is free of the dirt and detritus that allows the detrimental effects of the weather to gain a foothold.

4. Reduce Future Costs

A stitch in time saves nine, they say, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to your driveway cleaning. When times are lean we all have to rein in our spending, but with certain things, such as maintaining your home, a touch of prudent expenditure today can save you shelling out a fortune tomorrow. Looking after your driveway and keeping it clean will lessen the risk of needing to have it repaired or replaced.

5. The Pain of Stains

Whether it’s the grubby-looking marks made by plasticisers leaching out of your vehicle’s tyres, oil soaking into the surface, or any other kind of spillage, stains on your drivevay look unsightly, detracting considerably from the overall aesthetic of your home. These can be a real pain to remove and so are usually best left to driveway cleaning professionals who know best how to tackle them.

6. Rooting Out Weeds

Weeds are really irritating things, and they’re fast, too. Just yesterday everything in the garden seemed clean and tidy. Today, there’s little green shoots popping up in every crevice. Weeds will grow anywhere they can get a root hold, and when they’re allowed to flourish it’s not only unsightly but can cause the cracks in which they’re growing to get bigger. When crushed, they can also stain the surface. As dirt and debris offers a fairly fertile medium for weeds, it’s best to keep such things to a minimum to discourage growth. Cleaning your driveway can help prevent weeds from establishing themselves.

7. Bring Out the Colours of Yesterday

Do you remember how your driveway looked when it was first laid down? How proud you were of its appearance? What lovely colours it showed in the soft afternoon light? Well, it can look as good as that again, or pretty close to it. An experienced driveway cleaning professional can bring those hues back to life, while ensuring that your property suffers no damage in the process.

8. Increase the Value of Your Property

When it comes to their property’s value, most people focus on the interior and exterior of their house and the way the garden looks. An area such as a driveway tends to get short shrift. But it’s wise to remember that the driveway may well be the first experience of your home a potential buyer has, and as we all know, rightly or wrongly, first impressions count for a lot. A driveway that is dirty and stained gives out a signal that the property isn’t as well cared for as it should be and this could factor into a potential buyer’s offer.

9. Ensuring Many Years of Service

All of the above-mentioned points add up to the benefits of keeping your driveway clean being pretty much a no-brainer. With those risk factors removed from the equation, your driveway should stay in good shape and continue to give many years of faithful service, so you won’t need to go the expensive option of a replacement anytime soon.

10. Personal Pride

And finally, let’s face it; having a clean and presentable home makes you feel good. It’s a matter of personal pride to present your best to the world. It lifts your spirits and helps to make your life more organised and efficient and lets you feel in control. Of course, if you don’t have the time, energy, equipment or enthusiasm for driveway cleaning, it’s a good idea to call in a professional and experienced cleaning service who have the equipment and know-how to make your driveway look fresh and appealing again, and are familiar with all the relevant health and safety requirements and legislation. ES Industrial Cleaning Services offers professional driveway cleaning services, a Grimsby based company, will be delighted to give you a free no obligation quote. Why not get in touch today and see what they can do to put the shine back into your driveway?

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