Commercial Cleaning That Really Works

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A clean working environment says a lot about a business and sometimes it is good idea to hire a company which can offer a professional commercial cleaning services. I should know. For many years I worked as a business consultant, advising SMEs on how best to present themselves and thrive in the tough, competitive world out there. During that time, I noticed certain situations arise more than once, and certainly often enough for me to draw a few generalisations. For example, I’ve seen how potential clients can judge businesses on first impressions, and how these snap judgements can be deal makers or deal breakers. We’ve all experienced things in our lives which, at first glance, seem none too promising, but eventually turn out to be far better than expected. However, many people are unwilling to stick around long enough to discover the positives. It doesn’t seem fair, but then life itself isn’t always fair. We just have to get on with it...

A Dirty Business

About two years ago I was called in to take a look at an advertising graphics and website design agency based in the north of England. The company had been reasonably successful when it started out about fifteen years before and had expanded to employ about a dozen people. But in recent years it had reached a kind of plateau phase, and was unable to grow further. The company’s client base was strong, and it received plenty of repeat business, but few new clients were coming aboard. As it turned out, this particular business had a few deep-seated organisational and attitudinal problems that took some time to work through. But one big negative was front and centre when I arrived. The company’s premises looked scruffy. From the dingy and unwelcoming reception with its dusty potted plants, stained carpet and smeary windows to the cluttered production area with its wide range of trip hazards, overflowing bins and encrusted Venetian blinds, the whole place looked distinctly unappealing. And the people who worked there didn’t really notice.

It’s Easy to Let Things Slip

Running a business from day to day, you become so focussed on finding the work, getting it done, delivering to the clients and dealing with staff issues that you can easily become oblivious to what’s around you. Even if you do notice your work environment becoming a little shabby, it’s easy to ignore in favour of the 1001 other things clamouring for your attention. Then, over time, it gets harder to stay on top of being tidy and well-organised. The upshot is that, although you might not notice day by day, over time your company’s premises become an unpleasant place in which to work. You begin to feel demoralised, and so do your staff, perhaps without even knowing why. Clients walk in and what they notice are the mess, the dirt, and the unpleasant aromas and, consciously or unconsciously, they form a negative opinion of the kind of company that will allow itself get into such a state. First impressions do matter. They can be good, or bad, for business. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of cleanliness and tidiness, and the best way to do so is by using the cleaning services of a commercial cleaning company. Here’s why it’s an idea that really works.

Commercial Cleaning Saves Time and Money

Keeping your premises clean takes time away from your usual tasks and those of your staff, and every moment not spent on taking your company forward business-wise is a moment that is not cost-effective. If you don’t want the hassle of having a full-time cleaner on the payroll, with all the attendant wages, sickness and holidays issues that involves, a flexibility-oriented commercial cleaning company is clearly the way forward. Hiring such a service will free you up to do what you, and your staff, do best, while ensuring that it’s all done in a clean, pleasant, safe and healthy workplace.

Get A Better End Result

Bringing on board the professionals who work for a commercial cleaning company gets your premises where they need to be far more efficiently and quickly than if you did the job yourself. After all, commercial cleaners are trained to deal with all types of buildings. They have the expertise, experience and equipment necessary to achieve an end result that is bound to be better than what you could otherwise manage

Improve Workplace Efficiency

It’s a known fact that people tend to work better and more productively in an environment that is clean, clutter-free and comfortable. Such a workplace is good for staff morale. It’s so much more satisfying to work for an organisation of which you can be proud.

Favourable First Impressions

If your reception area, office or factory floor looks presentable, then it gives a good first impression to the clients and customers who drop by. If they’re pleased by what they see, then they’ll regard what you have to offer with more favour. A positive first impression forms a solid foundation on which to build a business relationship and win deals.

What To Look For In A Commercial Cleaning Company

So, now that you see how a commercial cleaning company can help you to impress clients and get the most out of your staff, you’ll want to know that the job will be done right. First off, it’s important to hire well-trained professionals who have experience in cleaning your type of premises and will exercise all due quality control procedures. As well as being swift and efficient, they will know how to properly dispose of contaminated materials. They will also be licensed and insured, so if something is accidentally damaged or some other issue arises, the commercial cleaning company will take care of it. Check out what other customers say about the commercial cleaning company you have in mind before you make a final decision. In the end you’ll have clean, safe premises to be proud of, where your staff will be happy to work, and which will impress your clients or customers. You’ll find that, as far as your business is concerned, it’s a win-win situation.